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With the CrownCrypto Mining Suite, you’ll have every tool you need to become a successful miner! All of our software is built with the miners in mind. From our mining software to our mining pool, we’re building them with your best interests in mind.


Take a closer look, on a deeper level, into what your rig is actually doing. See how it performs mining your specified coin and adjust your rig to find its Maximum Hashing Power.


PPLNS payment models ONLY! You have greater swings between any two payouts, but in the long run (a month or more) you earn about 5% more than other methods. Again, we have you, the miner, in mind throughout this entire process!

low fees

On top of our already low fees, we’ll give you a discount just for using more than one of our products tools! The more people using our tools, the better off the entire community will be and the faster we can help block-chain technology and cryptocurrencies grow! Try out the whole CrownCrypto Suite!


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