The CrownCrypto Alpha is here!

Download Alpha v1.0


  • Real Time GPU Stat Graphs:
    • Temperature
    • Core Clock Speed
    • Memory Clock Speed
    • Memory Used
    • Power Draw
    • Fan Speed
    • Hashrate
  • Multiple GPU Support
  • Nvidia GPU Support
  • Digital and Graph Values
  • Dark Theme
  • Area Chart
  • Adjust Seconds Between Ticks


Give miners better insights into what their computer and GPUs are doing in real time. Provide miners with the tools they need to reach maximum hashing power and mining efficiency. Use the graphs to view how manipulating your overclock settings affects hashrate and overall mining performance.





  1. Enable EWFB’s API by inserting “–api 1” into your bat file.
  2. Download Alpha v1.0
  3. Extract to a new empty folder
  4. Run the file from lib\net45\gpustatjs.exe
  5. If you get any errors, set “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI” to your System Environment Path