Posted on August 13, 2017 by The CrownCrypto Team


Thank you for joining us at CrownCrypto! We have a lot to do, so let’s get to it!

At the time of this writing, mining cryptocurrencies has become quite popular recently. This is mostly due to the fact that several coins have surged in value, making mining the coins profitable and a valid income opportunity. As a result, many people with little to no knowledge of block chain, cryptocurrencies, or mining are attempting to get into it. This is both good and bad, depending on your position.

On the bad side, if you’re a current miner then more miners coming in will result in you mining less coin (less coins per share of work). More miners will significantly increase the difficulty of mining and the mining networks will demand better hardware. Hardware prices may go up as a result of this too (like we’ve already seen).

On the good side, more miners on the various coins means these cryptocurrencies can handle more traffic, they’re more secure, and your transactions are faster. These all help the cryptocurrencies to grow and be able to support expansion. After all, miners are what is keeping these coins and this technology alive. Without miners, many of the popular coins we know and love today wouldn’t exist. It is in everyone’s best interest for there to be more miners and so we at CrownCrypto intend to make it extremely easy to become a miner.

However, making it extremely easy to become a miner doesn’t mean that our tools are only for beginners. We have plans for the more advanced miners to take their mining rigs to the next level! We want to provide them with detailed insights into their computer, the cryptocurrency market, up and coming coins, trending coins, new hardware, and better ways to mine!

Mining Pool

We’ve already started this by joining forces with MiningSpace to bring you low cost mining pools. We think the miner’s should be rewarded for their hard work, high electricity bill, and general support of cryptocurrency and block chain technology. For a limited time the MiningSpace Pools have:

  • 0% Fees
  • Transaction Fees Are Paid To Miners
  • 0.01 Minimum Payouts (For All Supported Coins)
  • No Registration Required
  • Live Statistics

Yes, that’s right. For now, it is completely FREE for you to use the mining pool. So, stop giving away your hard earned coins to pools that don’t give you anything in return. Switch to someone like us who is dedicated to the development and success of the miners. It is ridiculously easy to set up and we’re going to continue to roll out new features to our pools.

Mining Software

Next thing we are going to tackle is the absolutely awful miners that are currently out there. Look at them! They are:

  • Difficult to Set Up
  • Cost a Fortune (Some as high as 5-6% fees!)
  • Have only 2 modes:
    • Mine
    • Don’t Mine
  • Eye Sore
  • No Customization
  • You have no clue if you’ve reached peak performance for your rig

Part of facilitating the development and success of miners like you is to give them options. We need options! If I’m not mining the most profitable coin anymore, I want to know. If there is a new coin gaining a lot of traction, I want to know. If there is a coin that has a lot of momentum, I want to know. I want to know so that I can change my mining strategy. I want to know so that I can switch to coins that are more aligned with my goals. I want to know so that I can become what I believe is a successful miner. We’re going to build that for you. It will take us a bit of time, but we intend to go above and beyond for the miners in all aspects.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, the Mining Pool is the only live tool right now. The miner is under development right now and we have plans for more tools than just these two, but those are far enough down the line that it’s not even worth mentioning now.

So keep coming back here for more news and updates on our Mining Software and Mining Pool! We look forward to helping all of you become successful!



Shane Arcuri

CrownCrypto Founder